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Free Gifts – Post-Turkey & Pre-Holiday Cleanse

The Cleanse will began on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014

This is the perfect time to recover from Thanksgiving feasts and to look your best for the holidays! Join Mas on Nov. 30th (or any date you prefer) & receive amazing free gifts designed specifically for the participants of the Holiday Cleanse!

Free Gifts from Mas (For 10-Day Cleanse Participants):

Mas will be leading us through three brand new medi-Healings in support of this cleanse. These sessions will connect you with Pure Source and the power of the group. It is easier and more effective when you all succeed together!

  1. Finding Pleasure in What is Good for You (Day One)
  2. Pure Food – Pure Source (Day Five)
  3. This is Just the Beginning… Keeping the Momentum Going (Day Ten)

Mas will follow the 10 Day Cleanse with a 20 Day Continuation Program – The 20 Day Continuation Program is followed every other day… you can successfully follow this healthy program during the Holidays. DO NOT gain 10lbs this holiday season!

Free Gifts from Mas (For 20-Day Continuation Participants):

Mas will lead those of us who continue on with the 20 Day Continuation Program through two additional medi-Healings.

  1. Pain Body Eating – kNOw More (pun intended) – Day Ten
  2. Eliminating the Frequencies of GMOs – Day Twenty
How to Participate & Claim Your Free Gifts

Order your product now to join Mas on November 30th!

  1. If you are not yet a member of Purium Click Here to Order Your Product.
  2. If you are already a Purium Member, order your 10 Day Cleanse/20 Day Continuation Pack now so you receive your product in time to do the cleanse/20 Day Continuation Program with the group.
  • Forward your receipt of purchase of “The Purium 10 Day Cleanse/20 Day Continuation Pack”  to customers@massajady.com with the subject line “Receipt for My Purium Products!” to receive the access information for: the 3 Post Turkey & Pre-Holiday Season Cleanse &/or the 2 – 20 Day Continuation Program calls.

Note: You must purchase the Purium Products for the 10 Day Cleanse & The 20 Day Continuation Pack to participate in both.

Don’t wait for the New Year… Begin NOW!

Mas and hundreds of his clients have joined together to do the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse on several occasions.

They were all a huge success! Pounds and inches have been lost… and people are healthier and look years younger. Many of you have experienced first hand – how eating pure super foods allows you to connect to pure source even stronger. If you were interested but not yet ready, the timing was off or you are new to Mas… no problem. Mas is committed to doing another cleanse and a 20 Day Continuation Program beginning on November 30th.

Don’t wait for the New Year… Begin NOW. This New Year’s Eve be in better shape and healthier than EVER!

This offer is only available if enrolled from this site
It is NOT available on the Purium website or any other affiliated Purium sites