3 Steps to Being Fabulously Healthy & Forever Young!

Step 1: 10-Day Cleanse – 10-Day Transformation Cleanse
Step 2: 20-Day Continuation Pack – Weight Loss or Maintenance Pack
Step 3: Lifestyle Packs – Core Packs & Booster Packs for Your Lifestyle

Step 1: 10-Day Transformation Cleanse 

Purium 10-Day Transformation Cleanse | A Superfood Miracle
You will Receive:  All you need for 10 days of food and supplements.
You will Lose:  5-15 pounds & 4-10 inches or more, in just 10 days!
In addition, you will:  Detox your body, reset your metabolism, break food addiction and clean your digestive tract

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Step 2: 20-Day Continuation Pack (Weight-Loss or Maintenance)

After the 10-Day Cleanse, you’d probably have lost 5-15 pounds…now choose a Contiuation Pack to continue the positive momentum that you’ve begun, lock in a complete metabolic re-set while re-teaching your body how to eat “regular” food –

Next 20 Days Continuation Pack – Weight Loss
Expect to lose the same amount of weight in your “next 20 days” as you did in your first 10! And complete your metabolic re-boot.

Next 20 Days Continuation Pack – Maintenance
Begin your transition to “regular” food without gaining back what you’ve lost!

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Step 3: Lifestyle Packs – Core Packs & Booster Pakcs

After Step 1 & 2, Purium designed Core Packs for your specific lifestyle or fitness goal. And if you’re ready to go all the way, you can turbo-charge your results with Booster Packs for additional benefits.

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