Step3: Lifestyle

After Step 1 & 2, Purium has designed these specific lifestyle packs catering to your specific interest or fitness goal…

Step 3: Lifestyle Packs – Core Packs & Booster Packs

CORE PACK – What’s your fitness goal?

Total Weight Control – Power Shake + Master Amino Acid Pattern + Apothe-Cherry
Maximum Fitness –  L.O.V.E. + Master Amino Acid Pattern + Astaxanthin Advantage
Ultimate Anti-Aging –  Power of 10 Veggie + Apothe-Cherry + Astaxanthin Advantage
Core Nutrition – L.O.V.E. + BioFruit

BOOSTER PACK – Which area would you like to turbo-charge?

And if you’re ready to go all the way, you can turbo-charge your results with a BOOSTER PACK for additional benefits –

Fat Fighter – CONTROL Pre-Meal Capsules + Organic Tropic Oil
Total Detox – Herbal Fiber Cleanse + Daily Fiber Blend
Brain Boost – Revive-it-All + Organic Tropic Oil
Body Repair – Joint Flex + Heart Aid + Renew Hair, Skin, and Nails
Renew Energy – Bee Energetic + Super Male Formula
Super Immunity – Immuno-Max + Vir-U-Sure
Sugar Stabilizer –  Scoop of Greens + Ionic Elements
Digestion Relief – Advanced Probiotic Blend + Enzyme Advantage + 40x Aloe Concentrate

Or, you can design your own pack for your unique lifestyle.

Mix and match any product you like…try different powers, foods from Purium! Click here to see the full Purium product line.

All the info can be found on the website, or your own Purium website. If you’re here on Step 3, most likely you are Premier member…that means you have set up a back order…so you can simply make one of those lifestyle packs your back up order…you don’t have to think about it and you’ll receive it automatically every month. Of course, you can always change or cancel your backup order….either call the office or do it from your back office.

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