Step2: 20-Day Contiuation

The completion of the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse is really a Starting Line rather than a Finish Line!

Congratulations! You have finished the 10-Day Cleanse! Now every cell of your body has been cleansed and replenished with pure nutrition, your metabolism reset, it’s a perfect time to move forward with the momentum of this higher frequency and make Purium a life style. But how? Easy…read on…

Step 2: 20-Day Continuation Pack (Weight-Loss or Maintenance)

For the Next 20 Days –  Continue the positive momentum that you’ve begun, locking in a complete metabolic re-set, while re-teaching your body how to eat “regular” food.

The “Next 20 Days” program is simple and proven. One day “on.” One day “off.” Repeat.

On Off
On Off

Next 20 Days – Continuation Pack – Weight Loss
Expect to lose the same amount of weight in your “next 20 days” as you did in your first 10!
Complete your metabolic re-boot

10-Day Transformation Pack Continuation Pack – Weight Loss Pack Includes:
Power Shake (1065 g) – Original or Apple Berry
Master Amino (150 count)
Apothe-Cherry (16 oz)
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Next 20 Days – Continuation Pack – Maintenance
Begin your transition to “regular” food without gaining back what you’ve lost!

10-Day Transformation Pack Continuation Pack – Maintenance Pack Includes:
L.O.V.E. Super Meal
Master Amino (150 count)
Apothe-Cherry (16 oz)
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Info-Packed Call with Mas and Dr. Mike on ‘After the 10-Day”

Mas and Dr. Michael Wohlfeld, ND (The Purium Resident doctor), will discuss the Purium lifestyle and answer the most frequently asked questions by the Cleanse participants –

  • What can you do to hold on to the new and higher frequency after the Cleanse
  • Is it OK to have caffeine while on the Cleanse? What about carbonated drinks?
  • Should we stop taking their normal supplements while on the Cleanse? Like fish oil?
  • Can people work out during the Cleanse?
  • How should the dietetics & gluten intolerant people do the Cleanse?
  • How to introduce normal food back into the diet after the 10-Day Cleanse
  • Why Purium doesn’t have a daily multi-vitamin?
  • What to take for people who need calcium?
  • What about Circulatory problem? Joint pain? Muscle pain? Inflammation?
  • What’s the best way to incorporate Purium with our delicious large holiday meals?
  • What can pregnant women and nursing mothers take?
  • And more info…listen to the replay =)

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